Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Keeping busy

My eldest brother came to visit last Friday evening. He seemed a little strange, very quiet, but he said he wasn't feeling well and had been off work with a cold. After he left I felt worried so I called his grown up son for a chat. Half hour later his son called me back to say that my brother had tried to take his own life but my niece had found him and called an ambulance. He survived.

I hate to think that my brother felt so low. Unfortunately there has been no improvement in the situation that drove him to this act so I am constantly in a state of worry. History has taught me that I'm not much good at preventing people from taking their own lives, it's not something readily taught but I'd willingly take lessons.

On a lighter note:

On Tuesday's my eldest son has to go into town for a group meeting. I took him to the station this morning and only when he called me 45 minutes later did I realise that I had taken a phone call last week saying that this weeks meeting was cancelled....oooops! So he decided to do a little shopping and only when he called him half hour later did I remember that I had his debit card in my purse after using it the weekend and forgetting to give it him back...oooops again! So I went to pick him up and expected him to be really upset with me, but he wasn't so that was a nice surprise. It goes to show how much he has changed over the years, in fact it's hard to believe how stressed and violent he used to be, he never went out alone and the slightest upset would end up with the whole family paying for it. I feel quite proud of him now. I'm also happy that we didn't go down the medication route to improvement, most of it has come from him joining Aspire (Autism West Midlands)

To make up for my earlier mistakes I took him shopping and he bought himself a new Playstation3. We now have two working models, one for upstairs, one for downstairs and 1 broken one.

Monday, 13 September 2010

Sleep Is For The Weak!

Well, my little man might be adorable but he doesn't have very long sleeping patterns and I'm thinking he is the worst baby so far, and Leila took some beating, believe me.

It's strange to see how differently the girls react to him. Leila adores him and constantly wants to touch him and kiss him. Lucy just can't be bothered. I'm not sure why, maybe Lucy is less interested because she's been through it all before with Leila? Maybe it's the ages? Maybe Leila is the way she is because she is jealous? Should I get my old pyschology books out and go over sibling rivalry again?

With Joseph around life has become a cycle of feeding, changing, sleeping (or trying to) and not much else. It's still early days though so maybe things will get a little more interesting again around here and I'll have more to write about.

I do try and work on my shop as often as I can so please do take a look, I've lots of lovely new stock.
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Thursday, 2 September 2010

What happened to August?

Oh my did I really make my last entry here at the end of July? Whatever happened to August,  I can't believe I didn't update here at all, it's not as if nothing happened.
OK lets go back a few weeks. Just over four weeks ago I went to the hospital for a scan to see what my situation was regarding size of baby and amount of liquor surrounding him. They found the little blighter had done a bit of a turnaround and was now breach. Suddenly I found myself booked in for an elective Cesarean Section. On 9th of August at 9.50am my little man, Joseph Frederick Sweet was born by previously arranged operation. The operation was great, I honestly did not feel a thing and was suitably distracted from the fact that my insides where fully open and on display below the screen across my chest.  The recovery was not so great, I never want to go through that again, not that I ever will.

Joseph is amazing, he's a proper little man and already looks so much like his daddy. He's not a good sleeper and he cries a lot, but he's a fantastic cuddly little bundle of sweetness.

pic time

1 day old

So, I had my baby and I've been more or less housebound until recently, but I did manage to fit in a birthday party for Lucy on 21st August. It was already planned and had I known when those plans were made that I'd be recovering from surgery I may have just planned the party a week or so later. Anyway, it went quite well thanks to all the help I got and Lucy had a great day. And I made the cake myself!

So August was busy and passed in a blur. It's scary thinking of the future, 3 birthdays in four weeks!!!

I hope you can forgive me for not writing sooner.