Monday, 20 June 2011

Family Fun Day

Father's Day and Family Fun Day at the University....and we actually had fun.
 We got to the university at about 12pm, the girls wanted to go straight to the fair. Everything was free, including entry and the fair rides. The girls went on the Helter Skelter first, I went up with them. Lucy didn't hesitate jumping on her mat and going down. Leila was a little scared as we were so high, so I went down with her. She loved it. They also went on a bouncy castle and had a go at Hook A Duck before getting hungry. There were lots of places to eat but everywhere was crowded so we went to the Student's Guild and ordered baked potatoes and chips from the bar, I also bought Graham a pint because it was Father's Day.
 There was so much to do and not enough time so we had to choose from all that was on offer. Graham had a go at clay pigeon shooting, I had a go at acting in a scene from Doctors, the girls did some digging for dinosaur bones. Then there was just enough time to go back to the children's area in the guild for face painting, bouncy castle, arts and crafts. Sadly the girls didn't get around to the face painting as the queue was too long, but they still had fun.
We left about 4.30pm and everyone was happy. All it had cost was our bus fare and the money for the food and drink at lunch time, which was a lot less than what we would spend in Mc Donalds.

Thursday, 16 June 2011

Where Did I Go Wrong?

I'm so fed up of my big kids today, they are selfish and spiteful and I can't believe that I brought them up, I went wrong somewhere.
Without going into too much detail, big daughter was really mean to Lucy at breakfast time because she's not quite got the hang of holding a spoon properly and was making a mess with her cereal. It doesn't help that the younger one Leila can eat perfectly well, but it's out of order for her to start calling Lucy stupid and retarted. She made Lucy cry and I had to intervene ( I hadn't been in the room when it started but could hear what was going on) She did apologise to Lucy afterwards, but it was all totally uncalled for and something she does too frequently.
To make up for her meanness early big daughter came home from work with doughnuts. A bag for her and big son, and a bag for the girls. Big son come down and said "why did you buy 'them' doughnuts?" To which she replied "well they were 70p a bag or 2 for £1"
 So big son says, "well you could have saved both bags for us"
grrrrrrr, how mean! They barely ever think of the girls anyway, they don't get birthday cards or presents, or anything at christmas, now he's begrudging them a few doughnuts.
Then there is the money issue, always a problem.
I asked big daughter for her rent and she says she can't pay this week because she's just bought herself a tv for her room. So that means I have to use my weekend food money to pay her share of the rent. Big son pipes up, "you can lend it off me and I won't pay you next week!"
So we'll go without food next week too because SHE can't pay her way!!!

How did they get like this? I really don't know, but I must be to blame.

Friday, 10 June 2011

23 years ago.....

I was having a little break from looking after my firstborn son and left him with my mum. My older brother got his video camera out and filmed him. I think he was about 4 months old. The video is just over 4 minutes long and 3 of those is just focused on a finger sucking baby in his carrycot in the window along with some iffy music (the music is ok just the recording iffy) Then for the last minute there is footage of my mum who I lost Christmas 2008, my little dog Sam who I lost March 1989 and the voice of my youngest brother who I lost New Year 2009. Precious little snippets that I didn't know I had.

I had seen the video before but forgotten about it. My older brother transferred it to cd in 2002 and gave it to me. I know I watched it but it probably gave me different feelings then as in 2002 I wasn't in contact with my mum and hadn't seen her for two years.

Anyway, I've uploaded the video to YouTube to share for a while