Monday, 29 July 2013

It goes like this!

I say: I don't like the look of J's rash, it's spreading
He says: it's fleas, he's always rolling around on that rug
I say: but only one cat comes in here and she hates the rug
He says: it doesn't matter, the fleas get everywhere.
I say: How come no-one else has been bitten
He says: I have
I say: but only you two?
He says: fleas are like that, they don't bite everyone.

I've been bitten before?

I say: I still don't think it's flea bites, it doesn't look like them
He says: well take him to the Dr then
I say: He'll probably just say it's a heat or allergy rash
He says: You won't take him, you can't be bothered, you just moan about it but don't do anything.
I say: I'll make an appointment
He says: And get the cat a new flea collar
I say: I will, but I'm sure it's not fleas
He says: It is that's why we are both bitten
I say: no-one else is, but you and J are always around your mum's and she has a dog, maybe that's were the bites are coming from.
He says: no, it's not mum's dog, she doesn't have fleas.
I say: strange that it's only you two though and you both are always around your mum's dog

He says: It doesn't look like flea bites anyway, you should take him to the Dr

I took him to the Dr who's a heat rash!

Monday, 15 July 2013


I'm not a sun lover, never have been. I do like summer and warm sunny days, but hot blistering days, no thanks. Why do you think I don't want to go abroad? Well I do, but not blistering hot places. I'm not complaining though (no really) we don't get much of a summer here so let it shine and I'll swelter quietly. 

In other news, I didn't get the problem with the rent sorted but I did find the money to pay the bill which I still say I don't owe. The 28 days is up this Friday so hopefully I'll have a result by then, and maybe some money back. The good news is, the house is still ours. We have to wait a little longer for it to be finished built though, and it will probably be pushed back even further, these things are never rushed. We got to visit often just to see how it's getting along. We've walked around finding the routes to the local schools and shops. Next week we get to take the kids with us too.

Today we should have spent at Center Parcs Elvedon, but as we were supposed to have been moving this week I declined the invite. Also, even though we were promised our travelling expenses reimbursed they were pretty steep and with having to find all that money for the rent we don't owe I just couldn't afford to pay them up front. So I've been sulking to myself all day. Such a lovely day for trying out a new pool too :(

Now it's the last week at school for the kids and most probably the last week ever which is quite sad. I do like their school and teachers. I will also miss my school run buddy. It's like the end of an era :(

I'm both terrified and excited about moving though. I'll be glad when it's done and we can enjoy our new home. The weeks before are going to be hell though!