Monday, 26 August 2013

Lucy's Neck part four

Lucy spent a while in hospital because they had decided to put her on traction, but they were having trouble locating a traction bed for her. They sent her home for the weekend and told us to be back for 9am Monday morning. The traction bed was waiting for her, but they changed their mind again and discharged her. An appointment was made for a couple of days later where they told us they were considering manipulation (again) Lucy had her physiotherapy and we had lunch while waiting for the consultant. A couple of hours later and he'd changed his mind again and had asked someone to come up and measure Lucy for a different collar. This one will actually correct the bend in her neck rather than just support it. It's probably the best idea he has had yet, so hopefully this will be it, and I will be praying that it works.

We have to wait a while for the new collar, in the meantime Lucy has to do her exercises five times a day and wear the collar day and night. She hates the collar but doesn't complain because it hurts when she takes it off. Even if we take it off for a bath and she is without it for around 20 minutes in total (yes, it has to be a quick bath/shower) she is in loads of pain and her neck is dropping back down again. So basically the collar is supporting her and easing the pain, but it's not actually fixing her neck.

She's not on the diazepam anymore, just paracetamol and codeine when the pain gets bad. She's not sleeping well again, but at least she can still eat.

We are off to Blackpool in a couple of days but first we have a visit to the hospital for physio and to see if they have her new collar yet.

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